July 7th- July 14th, 2018


The Experience


This all-inclusive 8-day retreat focuses on a plethora of healing modalities to connect you deeper with your highest self. Immerse yourself on one of the most healing islands in the world, Maui Hawaii, as you connect with your highest self through authentic empowering workshops, orgasmic exploration, sexual liberation, yoga classes, organic gourmet meals, vibrational healing, guided meditations, tantric philosophies, and more. Feel empowered as you break down the barriers standing in the way of your spiritual and sexual evolution. This is ideal if you are passionate about expanding your thoughts and vibrations around sex, love, relationships, pleasure and how it all relates to your everyday societal participation. The intent of this retreat is to bring comfort ability to individuals in their relationships, communication, self-reflection, sexual lives and other facets allowing permission to be empowered to customize their sexual interactions without shame or taboo. Ground, connect, open, heal, empower, and expand with us.

Open to singles and couples!