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Former workshops below:

Yoga for artists: Quiet Your Mind, release tension, and Restore Your Creativity

Tap into your higher inspiration with yogic tools and teachings that empower creative expression!

This class is for ALL artists (Poets, visual artists, writers, decorative artists, painters, etc.). 

Whatever the medium of your creative expression, yoga complements your creative work and connects you with your creative mind, body, and soul.

As a fellow artist, I understand that the creative process can be hard on the body. Bloggers/writers rarely escape wrist, neck or back aches from long hours spent typing on a computer, visual artists can spend entire days on their feet or crouching in uncomfortable positions, while poets can experience mental blockage and doubt.

When the physical body suffers, so does the creative process. Meditation and yoga grant us access to the deep places of our psyche and consciousness that inspire creative ideas to emerge, while relieving aches and tension within the body.

In this creative and mindful class, we will:

Learn meditation techniques to ease the creative mind

Release pain and tension specifically in the wrists, forearms, neck, back, and joints (inspired by Mukunda Stiles)

Flow through mind-opening yoga poses

Find new creative inspiration

Learn pranayama techniques to boost creative confidence

And connect with other talented artists!

                            All levels of yogis and artists are welcome!

Just bring a mat and your beautiful soul!

*Reconnecting with our sacral chakra: Intuitive painting and yoga workshop

Let go and create flow while discussing topics such as sensuality, creativity, emotions, and releasing what no longer serves us.








*Sensual Relaxation: (Co-Ed Edition) Exploring yoga, sexology, and poetry

Come enjoy a classy night of yoga, sexology, and poetry! (Open to singles and couples)

Learn about the numerous positive health benefits of incorporating yoga and relaxation with your sensuality.

You’ll be educated and guided through different yoga poses and breathing exercises that will increase your body awareness, libido, and confidence!

No yoga experience required, open to all levels. The yoga asanas we will be doing are gentle and accessible to everyone. If you can breath you can do yoga!

We’ll have an open interactive discussion about how to use these techniques to deepen not only your mind, body, and spirit connection, but also your sensuality.


We have a treat for ya'll! The creator of The Black Cosmo, Kay Jay, is doing a special reading from her blog!Then we'll open up the floor for those that want to share any erotic poetry, whether you wrote it yourself or your favorite poet!

There will be free giveaways, yoga, wine, food, sexual education, open interactive discussion, adult toys, and more!

By the end of this workshop, we guarantee you’ll feel empowered, relaxed, sophisticated, educated, connected, and sexy all at the same time!

Just bring a mat, an open mind, and your beautiful soul!


*Connect with your passion(s) through yoga and passion planning

Come enjoy an empowering night of passion planning, inspiration, meditation, and relaxation!

This workshop will promote clarity and creativity to help you deeply understanding your passions, manage time, and define your focus to take the steps necessary to fulfill those passion(s)! We’ll provide specifically designed roadmaps and discuss exercises and steps to guide you through your long and short term goals to effectively execute them with visual support!

There will be free giveaways, gentle yoga, passion planning tips and tools, sharing circles, and more!